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Ethan Coen confirms he and Joel Coen are reuniting for a new film project

Joel Coen says he’s reuniting with his brother and film partner, Joel Coen, for a mysterious new film project.

One of cinema’s most distressing breakups is the dissolution of Joel and Ethan Coen, known to many as the Coen Brothers. The duo launched their legendary career with 1984’s Blood Simple, with hits like Raising Arizona (1987), Fargo (1996), The Big Lebowski (1998), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), and more considered modern classics among film buffs. When the brothers split in August 2021 to pursue other ventures, the event left cinephiles crying into their White Russians. I should know. I was one of them. However, it looks like the pair’s several-year pause is ending.

Speaking with Empire, Ethan Coen says he’s developing a new project with his brother, Joel. Ethan also mentions that the new project could precede what he’s cooked up with Tricia Cooke, his film partner, and wife of 33 years. Ethan wants fans to understand that he’s never “gone solo.” He co-wrote Drive-Away Dolls with Cooke and co-directed the upcoming comedic thriller. While Cooke isn’t sharing details about her next project with Ethan, she’s teased it’s “another lesbian movie.”

As for the next Coen Brothers project, it’s anyone’s guess. Ethan failed to disclose any concrete details about the reunion, including what genre the duo’s next film could be. Some speculate it could be an adaptation of James Dickey’s To the White Sea, but it’s a wait-and-see situation with both creatives remaining mum.

The big takeaway is the Coen Brothers are back in business. After separating for roughly five years to pursue other interests, their reunion will likely be music to film buffs’ ears. The duo’s next project could be another neo-noir or a slacker comedy with lasting appeal. The brothers may announce something entirely different from their signature style, though I would not be surprised if they fall back on what made them the toast of Tinsel Town on several occasions.

What do you think the Coen Brothers will present to audiences with their next film project? Did you think the duo would reunite after taking a five-year pause from making movies together? What’s your favorite Coen Brothers movie? My holy trinity is Raising ArizonaThe Big Lebowski, and O Brother, Where Art Thou? Feel free to share your list in the comments below.

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