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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse board game available for pre-order from Funko

A new Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse, is coming from Funko Games

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game from Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham is set to be released on August 18th, but while we wait for that date to arrive a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game has gone up for pre-order! This one is from Funko and it’s called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse. Set for release on September 1st, the board game can be pre-ordered at THIS LINK.

This is the second Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game we’ve heard about in the last year. The other one was from Trick or Treat Studios can be purchased at THIS LINK

Here’s the information on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse:

One person plays as the deranged Sawyer family, dragging victims to their farmhouse and harvesting their meat for a grizzly barbecue. The other players are the unwitting trespassers, doing everything they can to escape a hideous fate. But in this game, there are no winners—there are only survivors. Will you make it out alive, or end up on the menu?

Edge-of-your-seat gameplay pits one player against all others, with a unique, story-driven ending! Includes custom sculpted figures, dice, and 140 cards in highly-detailed, visceral art style. Achievement system lets players unlock special cards, which carry over from one game to the next! Atmospheric design immerses horror fans in one of the genre’s all-time classic films.

A couple images of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse board game can be seen at the bottom of this article. More can be seen at the Amazon pre-order link or at FunkoGames.com.

Aside from the Jaws board game, I haven’t played any of the horror movie-inspired board games that are out there – but the more I see being announced, the more eager I’m becoming to check them out. I might have to end up getting both the Trick or Treat Studios and Funko Texas Chainsaw Massacre board games.

Are you interested in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse board game? Have you played the board game from Trick or Treat Studios, or any other horror movie board games? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse

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