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Your Lucky Day trailer: Angus Cloud gambles with lives for a lottery ticket in Daniel Brown’s intense new thriller

Daniel Brown’s Your Lucky Day trailer starring Euphoria’s Angus Cloud depicts an intense final performance from the late actor.

Before Angus Cloud’s death at age 25 in late July, the Euphoria actor completed work on Daniel Brown’s Your Lucky Day, an intense-looking thriller featuring Cloud as a trivial criminal whose plan to steal a winning lottery ticket spirals out of control. In the Your Lucky Day trailer, Brown depicts how a split decision to seize an opportunity to change your future can turn deadly.

In the promo, Cloud’s desperate character, Sterling, spontaneously decides to rob a lottery winner at a local convenience store. As the conflict intensifies and push comes to shove, Sterling does the unthinkable by killing a rookie cop, landing himself in a position to take hostages or risk incarceration. With $156 million on the line, Sterling and the survivors of the incident enter a pack to split the money after covering Sterling’s tracks. “Nobody ever got rich without doing no crime,” Sterling says in the trailer as six strangers debate the morality and consequences of accepting money for their silence.

Still, the thing about killing a cop is they protect their own. “They don’t arrest cop killers, they execute them,” one of the survivors says in the trailer, warning Sterling about a murder squad of uniforms inevitably heading their way. As walls close around them, hostage group members take matters into their own hands, begging the question: Who will survive and claim the ultimate prize?

“Movies are for everyone, so the goal was to make a thrilling, fun and entertaining movie that could also be about something deeper — a look at one of those larger-than-life moments that we all hope for and ask, ‘Is this really worth it?’” Brown said in a statement.

Cloud leads Your Lucky Day as his final on-screen performance before his untimely passing earlier this year. Elliot Knight, Jessica Garza, Sterling Beaumon, Mousa Hussein Kraish, Spencer Garrett, and Jason O’Mara also star. Dan Brown directs from a script he wrote with Well Go USA releasing the film in theaters on November 10, with a digital release set for November 14.

What do you think about today’s Your Lucky Day trailer? How far would you go for a winning lottery ticket? Let us know in the comments section below.

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