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24Fashion TV: Julien Fournie FW25 during Paris Haute Couture Week

From 24Fashion TV -


Julien Fournie pays tribute to Marie-Antoinette, the last queen of France, at the Paris-based Musee Grevin.

She is the undisputed initiator of all Haute Couture. Whatever one thinks about her role in History, says Julien Fourni, Marie-Antoinette was a model of style for all the courts of Europe. She has started the movement at the very origin of fashion: preferring what is new to what has always been considered beautiful.

Contacted by the Grvin Museum management to create an outfit for the statue of Marie-Antoinette in her full majesty, Julien Fourni wanted to restore the splendor of her life in Versailles and to make a statement about her as a fashion icon, a status which the last queen of France has acquired for more than two centuries as the first genuine influencer.

To accompany this event, the French couturier also presents six looks inspired by the codes of the legend of Marie-Antoinette, declined in today's Haute Couture pieces showcasing the work of the best artisans. It includes, of course, corsets and ball gowns with huge volumes, but also looks flirting with masculine suits on feminine silhouettes.

The first look presents, under a long trench coat in plum washed silk, embroidered with old silver plant motifs, an ensemble entirely made of saddle-style leather, in various dear to Marie-Antoinette pastel shades. This training outfit also includes fleur-de-lis inlays on the pants, and flat bow ornaments on the bustier. A leather crown with medallions and royal gaiters complete this outfit. Accessories also hold a notable place in the collection: "Ex Voto" earrings and brooches, the brands monogrammed tote in a lenticular canvas and the new Big Bang handbag in 18th centurys tender colors. 

A pant 3piece suit, cut in a Prince of Wales wool in bright colors, comes enhanced with lilacs embroideries. It is paired with a lavalliere tie silk blouse and a bicorn hat, decorated with a feather arrow and brooch in the style of Incroyables.

A boyish azure jacket, embroidered with silver, over a short silk and lurex nightie, reveals the the legs full length barely covered with nude sheer leggings embroidered with royal jewels.

A wide embroidered ball gown swirls and reveals, under a matching Merveilleuse hat, a mix of peony, soft pink and sweetbriar tones on multiple precious layers of sheer fabrics.

To mark the diversity and universality of the Marie-Antoinette style, a flowery bustier in shades of canary yellow adorned with matching roses and jewelry tops a giant petticoat of matching tulles on the ebony body of Toby Momoh, a Julien Fourni muse. 

The last look in the collection reinterprets embroidered elements of the legend surrounding the last queen of France: as shepherdess, pastry lover, mother in love with her son, and playing with her coat of arms,a ll as if hand sketched like Asian anime in tattoo style. They flourish on a "gothic rockabily" look cinched by a black crystal embroidered black jacket with a crater collar and split basque.

The highlight of the show is only revealed at the finale: Queen Marie-Antoinettes majestic court costume includes a corset decorated with embroidered bows, a skirt, an overskirt, ruffled sleeves, in bright white silk triple organza, embellished with sparkling embroidery in various shades of silver and moon gold recalling the queens favorite musical instruments, symbols of the French royals and the motifs of Versailles. Ribbons, feathers and pearls enliven her hair, topped with a sparkling flocked galleon with embroidered sails featuring the French monarchs symbol. Julien Fournie also wanted to return to the Queen of France a replica of the famous necklace from the "Affair" which Marie-Antoinette never actually wore...

This new statue of Queen Marie-Antoinette now stands among the permanent collection of the wax Museum, in the Coupole at Grevin, which has brought together the characters of "Grevin Fashion" since 2014, From June 28th to September 1st, 2024, the six looks from the Julien Fournie Haute Couture "Last Queen" collection will remain on display in this same place so that a wider audience can admire up close and in complete freedom Haute Couture know-how.

"I am very happy to make this luxury accessible to a popular audience eager for fashion culture," rejoices Julien Fournie, "especially at a time when Paris is welcoming the world for the Olympic Games.


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Photo: Press Julien Fournie

More on: @julienfournie

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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