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24Fashion TV: YANINA COUTURE SS 2024 during Paris Haute Couture Week

From 24Fashion TV -


The legendary Phoenix bird is a sacred mythical bird with brilliant plumage and the gift of rising from the ashes after death. Born in fire, it symbolizes the energy of life, rebirth and new life.

The YANINA house sings of the multifaceted beauty of women through the enchanting stories of its "haute couture" collections. This season, Yulia Yanina's heroine dons wings to overcome a difficult situation. The symbol of the Phoenix bird is reflected in the sparkling embroidered and rhinestone wings and decorative feathers. Yulia Yanina's interpretation of a modern-day phoenix-woman highlights feminine fragility and vulnerability, but also the strength and love of life. Whether in a strict suit or a dress, the wings on the back allow the heroine to be reborn, again and again.   

"The story behind this collection is quite unusual. I created it lying in bed because I couldn't walk after an operation. I was drawing and thinking: 'What magic tool could help me and other women who have undergone difficult operations, illnesses, life dramas? What will make you want to live again, to get dressed? How can I cover their scars and allow them to soar again?" The main idea of the collection is a phoenix. My heroine is like a Phoenix bird that is reborn again and again, rising above difficult situations.  

My heroine, as a true woman, goes through life beautifully, despite everything!

This collection is all about giving women wings, to cover the scars on their souls and bodies with beauty and love. That's why every look in this collection features wings. I'd like my heroine to wear these clothes to feel protected by the wings on her back. Black is the mood of the year. Fuchsia represents passion and love. Gold as a symbol of rebirth - always, despite everything!"

The house's traditional fabrics are used in the collection: velvet, romantic chiffon fishnet and organza, accompanied by elements of volume and meticulous embroidery handcrafted by the house's masters. Silhouettes are inspired by the lines of the female body. Black dominates the color palette, but gold, gray and white are also important. Fuchsia adds a luminous touch. For this collection, new feather embroidery technologies have been used, all sewn using different techniques. 

Fine laces enhance the extravagance of each model, making them more feminine and light. In contrast, strict, fitted black suits with accentuated shoulders are created for women of power. Stretched black suits are surprisingly long. The Phoenix bird flies throughout the collection, gleaming in silver on jackets, gold on dresses, waving wings and floating on bell skirts. Elegant dresses featuring a unique feathered coat in three different designs close the collection.  

In January 2024, the international house YANINA returns triumphantly to Paris Haute Couture Week, where it unveiled its Spring-Summer 2024 collection in the heart of place Vendme, at l'Htel dEvreux.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 001 1706033742 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 002 1706033746 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 003 1706033749 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 004 1706033752 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 005 1706033754 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 006 1706033757 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 007 1706033760 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 008 1706033763 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 009 1706033766 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 010 1706033769 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 011 1706033772 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 012 1706033775 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 013 1706033778 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 014 1706033782 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 015 1706033785 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 016 1706033789 jpg24Fashion TV Yanina Couture SS24 017 1706033792 jpg

Photo: Press Yanina Couture

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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