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Frownies, Industry Leader in Beauty and Skincare, Shares the Secret to Centuries of Success in Celebration of Women’s History Month

Frownies, best known for the wrinkle-smoothing Frownies Facial Patches, attributes recent viral growth to 130-year history of personalized customer service.

Frownies Celebrates Women's History Month

Four women wearing paper wrinkle patches on their foreheads holding pink boxes of Frownies Facial Patches.

Frownies, the home of the iconic wrinkle-smoothing facial patches, is celebrating Women's History Month by sharing their secret to success - personalized customer service that has been passed down over five generations of women.

Margaret Krosen invented Frownies in 1889 for her daughter Alice, a concert pianist and a model. After many hours of sitting at the piano furrowing her brow in concentration, Alice had started to develop eleven lines between her brows. The concept of Frownies Facial Patches was born - weighted paper patches with a water-activated adhesive that create a cast to hold the facial muscles still, allowing the overlying skin to lay flat. Women from Broadway to Hollywood used Frownies to soften and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Now, Frownies is the number one non-invasive alternative to Botox®

In 2020, Helen Morrison, the great-great-granddaughter of Frownies' inventor Margaret Krosen, joined the Frownies' team full-time as Director of Brand Strategy. As the face of Frownies across social media platforms, Morrison has quickly taken Frownies Facial Patches viral. With 225 Million views on TikTok and over 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, Morrison has led the brand to exponential growth through her transparency and accessibility across social media platforms. 

"Frownies Facial Patches have always been marketed by word-of-mouth," Helen says. "Now we are using the modern-day 'word-of-mouth' - social media - to continue our grass-roots marketing." Morrison goes on to share that Frownies' secret to standing out beyond the viral TikTok videos and Instagram reels is the individual interactions with their customers. 

"My great-great-grandmother would hand-write responses to letters from women ordering Frownies Facial Patches from all over the world," Helen notes. "Now, if a customer sends a message on Instagram, I personally respond, often with a voice message. I am always happy to give application tips if a customer sends me a picture of their problem areas or the placement of their facial patches."

Before many women were in the workforce, even before women had the right to vote, Frownies has been owned and operated by strong, independent women. Today, Frownies strives to maintain the personalized customer service that the Frownies' customers have appreciated since 1889. 


Frownies, home of the Original Wrinkle Patch, is proud to be a fifth-generation, female-founded small business for over 130 years. Frownies, once called "Hollywood's Best Kept Secret," has gone viral as the #1 natural alternative to Botox® with over 255 Million views on TikTok. 

Shop for Frownies Facial Patches and the rest of the Frownies natural skincare line here. Follow the Frownies on Instagram for tips on how to apply the Facial Patches. 

Contact Information:
Kat Wright
[email protected]

Helen Morrison
Director of Brand Strategy
[email protected]

Original Source: Frownies, Industry Leader in Beauty and Skincare, Shares the Secret to Centuries of Success in Celebration of Women's History Month

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