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Christopher Nolan picks his favorite seat at the movies

We all have our favorite seat at the movie theater, but Christopher Nolan says it depends on how the film is presented.

Christopher Nolan is one of the most vocal and intelligent proponents of the theater-going experience. From challenging the industry’s use of streaming services to encouraging the use and preservation of film stock to urging Congress to save movie theaters amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Nolan has continued to give insight on and a voice to the art of not just cinema but the cinemas. So you better believe Christopher Nolan has a favorite seat when he goes to the movie theater!

But it’s not just the same seat every time he goes to the movies, as for Christopher Nolan, it depends on how the film is being presented, telling the Associated Press, “When I’m in a theater that’s Cinemascope ratio, I like to be right near the front, middle of the third row…When I’m in a stadium, IMAX 1.43:1, then I actually like to be a little behind the center line right up at the middle. So, a little further back.” No word yet on what Nolan’s favorite movie candy is…but we’re thinking Nerds Rope.

As such, Christopher Nolan would be watching his next movie, Oppenheimer – which was filmed using IMAX 65mm and 65mm large-format film – in the latter setup. Oppenheimer is indeed big, and we’re not just talking about the three-hour runtime (Nolan’s longest, edging out Interstellar): the prints weigh around 600 pounds and hold more than 11 miles of film.

Adding to the experience he hopes people get from seeing the movie when it’s released on July 21st, Christopher Nolan said, “You rarely get the chance to really talk to moviegoers directly about why you love a particular format and why if they can find an IMAX screen to see the film on that’s great…We put a lot of effort into shooting the film in a way that we can get it out on these large format screens. It really is just a great way of giving people an experience that they can’t possibly get in the home.”

What is your favorite seat at the movie theater? How does this enhance your experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

Originally published at https://www.joblo.com/christopher-nolan-picks-his-favorite-seat-at-the-movies/

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