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Danny DeVito teases new Arnold collaboration, chats Oscars showdown with Michael Keaton

Danny DeVito said he and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a project lined up with Warner Bros. but was slim on details.

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger might look like an odd couple – which is exactly why Twins worked as an outlandish concept – but they’ve been pals for decades. Although their onscreen collaborations are few, they do have another project in the pipeline. Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve taking down Michael Keaton’s Batman…

Speaking with Deadline, DeVito said of his pal and a future project, “Arnold and I love working together. We’re doing a movie together next year. We’ve been working on it…Since Twins and Junior, and all the stuff we’ve done together, we’ve become friends.”

What exactly this project between Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger is remains a mystery at this point but we do know it will be set up at Warners Bros. This would further indicate it’s undoubtedly not the do-we-really-want-this? sequel to Twins (a Universal movie), which Arnold himself has said stopped because the late Ivan Reitman’s son, Jason, “f*cked it up.”

Another common bond DeVito and Arnold share is that they both tried to take down the Caped Crusader on the big screen, albeit in very different movies. But such a cool link it is that it became the show-stealing moment of this year’s Oscars. Remembering that bit – in which Michael Keaton played along brilliantly – DeVito added, “I don’t think Keaton was his Batman, but I got to try to kill Keaton, ’cause if you’ve ever met him, that’s the thing, you wanna just strangle him – only as Oswald Cobblepot.” Building off of this, DeVito went on to praise his Batman Returns co-star, saying, “If I’m honest, I love Michael. So that was totally a lot of fun, and the big highlight of the night was my tuxedo fit. It was really good to be out there with Arnold.”

Whatever the project is that DeVito mentioned, we’d love to see him and Arnold reunite on the big screen, especially after that Oscars tease. Heck, get them into the DC multiverse for a true one-off battle against Keaton – a Penguin & Mr. Freeze vs. Batman would be the showdown of the decade!

Do you want to see Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger work together on the big screen? What sort of project would be perfect for them? Let us know below!

Originally published at https://www.joblo.com/danny-devito-teases-new-arnold-collaboration-chats-oscars-showdown-with-michael-keaton/

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