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‘Human Beings First’ Releases in Hardcover and Kindle—The Book Leaders Need on International Day of Peace

Seasoned CHRO and Board Member of PayScale, Paul E. Wolfe, Shares One-of-a-Kind Formula for Talent Attraction, Employee Development, and Inclusion in Debut Book Now Available

As lawmakers pass workplace violence bills designed to better protect employees for the first time in history, it’s also time to focus on toxic work environments where negativity, intimidation and bullying behavior has disrupted the peace and potential of so many. 

“On this International Day of Peace, let’s elevate empathetic leadership and foster psychological safety, equity, inclusion, trust, and connection in teams across the planet,” said Paul E. Wolfe, whose book, Human Beings First, highlights eight practices that all leaders are already equipped to activate and perfect for a more peaceful workplace. 

Rare insights and personal narratives are generously distributed from Paul’s 20+ years as a CHRO/HR executive at companies such as Indeed, Condé Nast, Match.com, Orbitz, and Ticketmaster. Human Beings First also benefits from advice by contemporary thought and culture leaders advancing workplace cultures built on authentic connection, shared vulnerability, and purpose-led performance. 

Human Beings First, published by Publish Your Purpose, is available at Amazon and other fine book retailers such as Booktopia, Waterstones, Feltrinelli Education, Blackwell's Bookshop, Politics and Prose Bookstore, Wellesley Books, Nantucket Book Partners, Walmart, and Hudson Booksellers.

Paul is available for speaking, leadership training, advisory and strategy needs on an individual and organization-wide basis. For more info, visit https://paulwolfe.com/home

Contact: [email protected] 

Praise for Human Beings First 

“Leaders cast a long shadow, and their daily choices about how to lead the conversation about inclusion and belonging at work can make - or break - healthy workplace cultures. But how do leaders actually do this? How do they discover and then apply a new way of leading? Through sharing their most "human" selves. In this book, Wolfe wisely focuses on eight ready-to-apply principles for how to do this, each vividly illustrated, as well as a strong call to action about how to challenge ourselves - because we are all leaders, at any level - to evolve towards a new definition of how to show up as ourselves, and for others - a way that illuminates the path for many, and focuses on unleashing the potential of cultures of belonging, where everyone can thrive. A must-read!”

--Jennifer Brown, Founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC) and best-selling author of Inclusion, Beyond Diversity, and How to be an Inclusive Leader

Human Beings First puts humanity back into leadership. Gone are the days when leaders could just focus on performance and revenue, treating employees as commodities who should be grateful for a job. Leaders - the good ones - are focused on empathy, belonging, and psychological safety, knowing that's the greatest way to get the best out of employees. Paul Wolfe's book Human Beings First gives a dynamic look into understanding people at a biological, psychological, and emotional level as a tenant of leadership in an enlightening and refreshing way. His deeply personal and profound experience of using an empathetic and expressive leadership style acknowledges all the feelings one might exhibit especially in challenging times. Feelings are fact and in fact, they are biological responses and as the book notes they "are the messenger of needs". Every single leader who wants to truly invest in their people should read Human Beings First.

--LaFawn Davis, SVP, ESG, Indeed.com

“When I think of Paul, I think of someone who has built and scaled great cultures; a passionate advocate of DE&I; a pioneer in the future of work. For those reasons alone, any leader can learn a tremendous amount from the insights he's collected during his impressive career.

What Paul surfaces in Human Beings First is so incredibly important: We are in a new era of leadership, and that requires new skills and capabilities. It requires vulnerability and putting our humanity first. And what I love about this book is that it offers tangible ways to do that. As an executive recruiter, I speak with dozens of leaders every day from early-stage startups to the Fortune 100. I know what qualities companies are looking for and what makes leaders thrive. And I assure you, what Paul shares in his book is critical to it.”

--Jana Rich, Founder and CEO, Rich Talent Group

Contact Information:
Paul Wolfe
[email protected]

Original Source: ‘Human Beings First’ Releases in Hardcover and Kindle—The Book Leaders Need on International Day of Peace

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