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Josh Brolin isn’t buying actors who choose to act difficult for their art

Josh Brolin isn’t buying actors who choose to act difficult for their art

Josh Brolin has worked with an impressive list of people. And with all his experience, he doesn’t buy certain unprofessionalism that actors can bring.

Last Updated on May 28, 2024

Josh Brolin is known for taking on some intense dramatic roles. However, as an actor, he is seemingly someone who never lets the nature of the project cloud his own professionalism. Brolin takes a step behind the camera for his new series Outer Range, and having to direct actors brought the Sicario star a little more perspective. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Thanos actor opened up to Esquire about not buying certain actors’ behavior.

It was when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he stated, “I don’t particularly love actors as an actor.” And especially as a director, Brolin told Esquire some of the ridiculous things actors give the crew to deal with,

Especially people who won’t come to the set and that kind of sh*t. If there’s a good reason, I get it, but if you’re just an irritated actor because you’re so creative or sensitive, I just don’t buy it.”

Brolin talked about how he managed to helm episode six of Outer Range when the opportunity abruptly presented itself. He professes it was his experience and skill set that others had witnessed over time. He explained, “When I first met [showrunner] Charles Murray, we just got on right away. He was like, ‘You’re directing six.’ I went, ‘OK.’ That’s how it happened. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, do you trust me with directing?’ He’s like, ‘No, I’ve seen the stuff that you’ve done. I’ve spent enough time with you, and this is your niche.’ But it was great.”

Now that he’s got a directing credit under his belt, Brolin admits he learned a lot about himself from the experience. “I loved it, man. I love the design of it. I love the architecture of it. I love the celebration of it. There were a lot of interests that I’ve had through the decades that I never really understood. When I directed, I was able to funnel it all into one place without trying to force it. My whole life made sense.” He continued, “I’m not going to quit acting and just be a director. But it utilizes more of my sensibilities as a person. I’m naturally a communal person. I get excited by experimenting. To imprison that with just me feels really limiting. But I may just be a mediocre actor.”

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