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Kevin Feige confirms The Fantastic Four is a period film and the location is not exactly New York City as we know it

Kevin Feige confirms The Fantastic Four is a period film and the location is not exactly New York City as we know it

While the artwork has teased an old-fashioned vibe for Fantastic Four, Kevin Feige confirmed everyone’s suspicion. He also reveals a detail that eagle-eyed fans may have noticed.

It was recently revealed that Marvel is heading back to Hall H at Comic-Con after the strikes last year canceled some of the usual panels. While there are a bevy of projects that the studio can give updates on, like Captain America: Brave New World or Thunderbolts, one popular title that’s moving forward quickly in development is The Fantastic Four. Marvel revealed artwork this year to announce its casting and the look of the art had an extremely retro vibe, which gave fans the impression that the new reboot will possibly take place in a past decade.

Deadline has revealed that Kevin Feige has confirmed on The Official Marvel Podcast that The Fantastic Four is indeed a period film. He would also hint at another detail about its setting.

It is a period film, and there was another piece of art we released with Johnny Storm flying in the air making a 4 symbol. There was a cityscape in that image. There were a lot of smart people who noticed that that cityscape didn’t look exactly like the New York that we know or the New York that existed in the 60s in our world. Those are smart observations, I’ll say…”

The art he’s referring to is the picture from the Marvel Studios Instagram account that was posted on April 4 or “4-4” day.

The Fantastic 4

Feige also revealed that production is ready to proceed on July 29 after Comic-Con has commenced. He explains, “Our director, Matt Shakman has already moved to London, and we start filming at the end of July. Funny story, we start shooting the Monday after Comic-Con. We start filming the day after on Fantastic Four.” He, then, continues, “I’m extremely excited because those characters are mainstays, are legendary pillars of the Marvel Universe that we’ve never gotten to play with or explore in any significant way apart from [Doctor Strange in the] Multiverse of Madness and a few fun teases before, in the way we’re doing that film. So, I’m extremely excited.”

Recently, newly added cast member Paul Walter Hauser shared his confidence in the movie because of all the elements involved,  “But I really do think the combination of the screenplay, and the department heads that are working on the film, and that classy cast of really exciting actors — some of them known for a long time, and some of them having a moment right now — [make me feel that] this movie is special, and it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

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