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New Podcast Series: Two Men Talking Sparks Controversial Conversations

Two Men Talking: Controversial Conversations That Never End, a new podcast series, is set to launch on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Created by two gentlemen named Stanley and Fred, the podcast promises a refreshing and thought-provoking listen for men, women, and anyone "in-between" from ages 20 to 100 -anyone who loves living life to the fullest.

In their first episode, Stanley and Fred explore whether Women Have Replaced Men With Dogs. Other upcoming episodes will tackle topics from:

  • Can Men and Women Have Purely Platonic Relationships?
  • Can You Be Alone Without Being Lonely?
  • Is Chivalry Dead?
  • Resetting Your Life Following Death and Divorce
  • Moving Forward: The Differences Between Traditional Vs. Contemporary Dating
  • Does Walking Do More Than Keep the Devil From the Door?
  • Is Time Your Enemy?

About Two Men Talking Podcast

With more than 160 years of combined life experiences, Stanley and Fred offer listeners a candid and relatable perspective on dating, relationships, women, and even life's impossibilities. To listen to the podcast and learn more about Stanley and Fred, visit their website at www.twomentalking.com.

Contact Information:
Ann Marie Sabath
[email protected]

Original Source: New Podcast Series: Two Men Talking Sparks Controversial Conversations

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