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Outlaw Posse: Mario Van Peebles returns to the western world in a first look at his new film

Outlaw Posse: Mario Van Peebles returns to the western world in a first look at his new film

Mario Van Peebles rides out west again for his new film Outlaw Posse, which seemingly has no connection to his 90’s western, Posse.

In 1993, Mario Van Peebles dabbled in the Western genre with Posse. Peebles took after his father, Melvin Van Peebles, who was a notable filmmaker in the blaxploitation genre in the 1970s. Mario appeared as an actor in films like Rappin’, Heartbreak Ridge starring Clint Eastwood, and the infamous Jaws: The Revenge, which featured an apathetic Michael Caine (as well as the much joked-about roaring, psychopathic shark). He would also head up his own projects as a writer and director, much like his father. One of the more popular films Peebles would be known for is the 90s street crime classic, New Jack City.

Peebles is returning to the director’s chair for a new feature he wrote called Outlaw Posse. The film is a Western that bears no connection to the similarly titled Posse. Highland Film Group has picked up the distribution and has shared a first look at the film with a new picture exclusively shared by Variety. Outlaw Posse sports an all-star cast that includes Mario Van Peebles, Whoopi Goldberg, Edward James Olmos, Cedric the Entertainer, as well as William Mapother, John Carroll Lynch known for Fargo and The Founder, D.C. Young Fly, seen in House Party, Jake Manly of Midway, Mandela Van Peebles, known for Jigsaw, Amber Reign Smith from Wu-Tang: An American Saga, William McDonough, Neal McDonough, who can be seen in Minority Report and Captain America: The First Avenger.

outlaw posse, mario van peebles, whoopi goldberg

According to Variety, the plot synopsis involves being set “in the Wild West of 1908, where men in power take advantage of an unfair world where corruption and greed run deep. Renegade cowboy Chief (Mario Van Peebles), eager to restore balance, assembles a daring group of outcasts and saddles up on a cross-country odyssey to reclaim stolen gold in unsettled territory. Pursued by the vengeful lawman Angel (Mapother), the posse is caught in a deadly game of survival and redemption, navigating the treacherous terrain of gunfights, showdowns, and horse chases. United by honor, they encounter allies such as Stagecoach Mary (Goldberg) that shape their destiny. As they venture closer to the hidden treasure, they soon learn survival is the only justice.”

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