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QRS Music Technologies, Inc Debuts QRS Streamer and QRS Streamer Solo: Two Player Piano Focused Streaming Music Plans

QRS Streamer and QRS Streamer Solo are a great way to enjoy and experience musical performances curated from hundreds of famous artists and thousands of tracks. The plans also includes complimentary access to QRSConnect.com for live performances, access to artists, teachers and QRS's new ROKU channel.

QRS Streamer

QRS Streamer Mobile App

This subscription based package is the second such package offered by QRS, and the most economical, with plans starting at under $10.00 per month. QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTC: QRSM) — a 123 year-old US based company and leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of piano and keyboard focused audio, digital and multimedia products, music, content delivery, piano technologies, Story & Clark pianos, and other digital audio accessories — unveils QRS Streamer, a new way of delivering content to our customer base and onboarding them to the QRS Connect platform and QRS TV channel.  

The QRS Streamer consists of a carefully currated selection of songs from each genre and style in the QRS Music Library. Two plans are offered: QRS Streamer and QRS Streamer Solo. QRS Streamer features both Solo Piano offerings as well as Piano with Live Accompaniment. The QRS Streamer Solo plan features only Solo Piano Performances. Each offering allows the user to mark tracks as favorites and gives them access to the QRS Connect and QRS TV platforms for additional control of their instruments, live streams and lessons.

QRS Streamer introductory pricing is $115.00 per year for Solo Stream and $235.00 per year for Solo + Piano with Accompaniment.

"It seems that every second of our day is accounted for. Turning on your PNOmation should be a time out from the constant barrage of the day to day. QRS's Streamer pricing and variety make it easier to choose your piano as an escape," said Thomas Dolan, President & CEO. "We want to bring all player piano users, especially our customers back to playing and updating, and experiencing great content on a regular basis. QRS Streamer and the future release of our event driven specials and performances will help make this happen."

About Us: 

QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCB:QRSM) is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of music technologies, pianos and piano accessories, including Pianomation®, PNOmation, PNOscan, QRSConnect and music content for automated musical instruments, from digital to paper rolls. QRS is the creator of Pianomation®, the first MIDI system to combine analog and digital technology to turn any piano into a reproducing player piano. QRS Music was founded in 1900 and is based in Seneca, Pennsylvania. Additional information about QRS is available at www.qrsmusic.com

Contact Information:
Parker Welch
QRS Media Management
[email protected]
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Original Source: QRS Music Technologies, Inc Debuts QRS Streamer and QRS Streamer Solo: Two Player Piano Focused Streaming Music Plans

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