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Reagan trailer: Dennis Quaid stars in the presidential biopic

Dennis Quaid stars in the first trailer for Reagan, the presidential biopic which finished shooting nearly four years ago.

ShowBiz Direct has released the first trailer for Reagan, the biopic starring Dennis Quaid as Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States. If it feels like we’ve been hearing about this one for a while, it’s because we have; Reagan actually wrapped production almost four years ago.

The film follows Ronald Reagan from “his humble beginnings to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and finally on to his biggest role as Commander in Chief set on the world stage… Told through the voice of Viktor Petrovich, a former KGB agent whose life becomes inextricably linked with Ronald Reagan’s when Reagan first catches the Soviets’ attention as an actor in Hollywood, this film offers a perspective as unique as it is captivating.

In addition to Dennis Quaid, Reagan stars Penelope Anne Miller as Nancy Reagan, Jon Voight as Viktor Petrovich, Mena Suvari as Jane Wyman, Kevin Dillon as Jack L. Warner, and more. “I’ve always been told bits and pieces of the stories of Ronald Reagan’s life, but this movie puts the whole story together,” Quaid said in a statement. “I’ve played quite a few real people over the years, and I like to play them from their point of view, without judgment. It was a big challenge for me to get behind the public persona of the man and also to move beyond my own feelings of admiration for him.” The cast also includes Mark Moses, Trevor Donovan, Xander Berkeley, Dan Lauria, Amanda Righetti, C. Thomas Howell, Nick Searcy, Justin Chatwin, and Robert Davi. The film is also said to include Scott Stapp, best known as the front-man of the American rock-band Creed, as the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Based on Paul Kengor’s The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism, Reagan is directed by Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer) and written by Howard Klausner (Space Cowboys) and Jonas McCord (Eulogy). The film will be Showbiz Direct’s debut release, headed by Kevin Mitchell, Richie Fay, and Scott Kennedy. “We are honored for the opportunity to launch ShowBiz Direct with REAGAN and the cast does such an amazing job in this movie,” Mitchell said. “Our team is ready to show the creative and exhibition communities that we want to work with you to put movies on the big screen where they belong and are extremely excited to bring REAGAN to a theater near you with our wide release on August 30.

Reagan will hit theaters on August 30th.

Originally published at https://www.joblo.com/reagan-trailer-dennis-quaid/

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