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Rosario Dawson turned down Star Trek role because of Ahsoka

Rosario Dawson turned down Star Trek role because of Ahsoka

Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson had to turn down a role in Star Trek because of her involvement in the Star Wars franchise.

When you consider how long both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises have existed, the list of actors who have appeared in both is surprisingly short, but Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson came close to becoming part of that exclusive club.

While speaking at Fan Expo Boston, Dawson explained that she had been asked to do something in Star Trek but had to turn it down as she had just signed on to do Ahsoka. “I could have been one of Odo’s species, the changeling. I could have been an immortal puddle guys. Do you understand my pain (she said clenching her eyes tight). That would have been really cool,” Dawson said via The Telegram. “I also really pushed to be a ‘Q.’ My dad. That was my dad (donning a masculine voice and pointing to her dad in the audience), ‘Be Q.’ I’m like, I’m trying. Right? Then I can be, you know, annoying…cause chaos, which I love.’

Changelings are the species played by Rene Auberjonois in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but we haven’t seen all that much of the species since the conclusion of that series. However, a Changeling did appear in an episode of the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery (which was shot the same year as Dawson’s first appearance in The Mandalorian), and Amanda Plummer played the villainous Changeling Vadic in Star Trek: Picard season 3.

Rosario Dawson added that he’s okay to “cross streams” when it comes to Star Trek and Star Wars and she remains a big fan of Gene Roddenberry’s long-running sci-fi franchise. In fact, she confessed that she dropped a lot of Star Trek references on the set of Ahsoka, which apparently drove Dave Filoni crazy. “I’m definitely a ‘Next Gen’ girl. Captain Picard all the way,” she said. “I have a video of me being dressed as Ahsoka holding up the Picard Earl Gray tea bottle. One of these days I will post it.” Perhaps Dawson will get to make the leap to Star Trek sometime down the road.

As for Ahsoka, the second season of the series is in development with Dave Filoni.

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