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Row: Sophie Skelton leads the cast of murder mystery thriller

Sophie Skelton of Outlander and Day of the Dead: Bloodline leads the cast of the murder mystery thriller Row, filming soon in Scotland

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Sophie Skelton of Outlander will be leading the cast of the UK murder mystery thriller Row, which is currently in pre-production and will begin filming in Scotland next month. Joining Skelton in the cast are Bella Dayne (Troy: Fall of a City), Akshay Khanna (Red, White & Royal Blue), and Mark Strepan (Before We Die).

Row will mark the feature debut of director Matthew Losasso and writer Nick Skaugen – and Skaugen has an acting role in the film as well. The story centers on a woman who washes ashore on a blood-stained rowing boat. With all of her crew mates missing, presumed dead, she must try and piece together fractured memories of the ordeal to prove her innocence.

Skaugen is producing the film with line producer Matt Schichter. Losasso provided the following statement: “An immense ocean appears to stretch infinitely in all directions and yet on board the Valiant, the lack of space fuels paranoia and intense drama. It’s a compelling and fabulously ambitious script. If filming on water wasn’t enough of a challenge, throw in a twisty dark plot, complicated techniques to avoid green screen backdrops, a commitment to capture the rugged beauty of ocean landscapes and the constraints of independent filmmaking.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that production designer Alex Jones Nash has overseen the design and construction of a water tank that sits on the edge of the ocean so that Row can be filmed in the tank, but will look like it was filmed on the open sea.

Losasso has previously directed numerous commercials and music videos.

Row sounds interesting to me, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s going to turn out. Does this sound like a movie you would be interested in watching? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Sophie Skelton is best known for playing the role of Brianna on 48 episodes of Outlander – a show I haven’t gotten around to watching yet, so unfortunately the only thing I have seen her in is Day of the Dead: Bloodline, a wrong-headed attempt to remake / reboot the George A. Romero classic Day of the Dead. Row will probably be better than that.

Originally published at https://www.joblo.com/row-sophie-skelton/

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