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StoneHold, an Exciting New MOBA / CCG Experience, Preparing for Closed Beta

Little Orbit and Ultimax Digital to Start Beta Testing StoneHold on GamersFirst.com in September

StoneHold Keyart

Play this unique MOBA+CCG hybrid!

IRVINE, Calif. - September 6, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Little Orbit's GamersFirst.com is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Ultimax Digital to be the sole portal for the release of Ultimax's new MOBA StoneHold. Closed beta testing is planned for September 2022 and players on the GamersFirst.com portal will have access to an Open Beta in Q4 of this year.

Little Orbit took on a unique role with Ultimax to redesign the look and feel of StoneHold from the ground up. They created everything players experience from the lore, map, characters, and cards.

"We had a terrific time working on StoneHold with Ultimax," said Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit. "They gave us a blank canvas to create the world and look of the fantasy characters. The team thoroughly enjoyed leaning into classic pen and paper RPG tropes with our stone magic thematic. We are excited that our GamersFirst community will be the first to play the game and hope that players will enjoy this fresh new take."

StoneHold is an innovative F2P multiplayer game set in a fantasy world of stone and magic that uniquely blends the MOBA & CCG genres.

  • MOBA: Compete in team-based lane combat with fantasy character archetypes
  • CCG: Earn collectible cards and abilities, strategically craft hero loadouts

Jesse Sutton, Co-Founder and CEO of Ultimax Digital, said, "After reviewing other options, we are excited to have selected the GamerFirst platform for the StoneHold Beta release. We look forward to building a loyal and excited GamerFirst fan base for years to come."

GamersFirst invites users to get more information at https://stoneholdgame.com, where they can also sign up to be ready for the upcoming beta.

Check out the announcement trailer here: https://youtu.be/qYR09oMmWto

Download the Electronic Press Kit here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/btrydxadi7d4ufm/press-kit.zip?dl=0

About StoneHold

StoneHold gameplay seamlessly fuses together in a classic fantasy RPG theme, where players escape Ferra, a world of steel drained of natural life and retreat to Terra, an ancient, lush world full of magic, stone and wilderness. Gamers play as Wardens, magical statues come to life, across eight unique classes. Experience the thrill of combat in 5v5 battlefields designed for strategic team combat and collaborate to achieve victory by destroying the enemy's Ward Stone and protecting your own. 

  • Fun, Collectible Card Mechanic - A feature non-existent in any MOBA, StoneHold touts an exclusive Chain Card Mechanic, where players earn blind-reveal packs of skills and equipment as collectible cards and then carefully place cards in strategic loadouts to enhance battles and level-up performance.
  • Team-based Level-up System - During specific rounds of gameplay, every member of the team can vote on 1 of 3 abilities that everyone will get to collectively level-up together.
  • Strong Fantasy Theme - AAA chiseled style art using vivid colors and classic pen and paper RPG elements combined with a unique, stone-based magical setting.

About Little Orbit

Little Orbit is a worldwide video game publisher formed in January 2010 with a focus on AAA licensed-based entertainment products. The company's emphasis is on working with popular creators to extend their vision into games through transmedia storytelling and engaging content for all gaming platforms.

Media Contact

Little Orbit
[email protected]

Website: https://littleorbit.com

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StoneHold Keyart
StoneHold Keyart

Play this unique MOBA+CCG hybrid!

StoneHold enemy base
StoneHold enemy base

Compete to see who can raid and destroy their opponent's StoneHold first!

StoneHold Loadout
StoneHold Loadout

Create strategic loadouts for abilities you take into battle!

StoneHold gameplay
StoneHold gameplay

Battle in an ancient world of stone and magic!

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