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Taika Waititi still working on Star Wars script

Taika Waititi has not only turned in multiple drafts of his Star Wars script but he has another one due after the WGA strike settles.

Despite the rumor mill spitting out that Taika Waititi was no longer attached to a Star Wars movie, word has now come out that the writer/director is indeed still pressing forward with his script.

According to The Hot Mic’s Jeff Sneider (via The Bespin Bulletin), Taika Waititi had not only been putting a lot of focus on a Star Wars script but will be turning in yet another draft in the future. “It’s not dead. Taika has turned in multiple drafts at this point and other writers as well have touched it. Taika owes them [Lucasfilm] another draft after the [WGA] strike is over.”

The word that Taika Waititi had never actually finished a script for a Star Wars entry was no doubt brought on by Waititi himself, who made mention of it at the Toronto International Film Festival – where his latest movie, Next Goal Wins, premiered – while honoring Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy with an award. “Once he’s had his way with that [Deadpool] franchise, like a cruel and indiscriminate virus, he’ll move on to another, and another, and another. And then eventually, probably Star Wars. And unlike me, there’s hope he actually manages to finish the script for that.”

Taika Waititi has been tied to a Star Wars outing for over three years, so it wouldn’t have been that far-fetched if his project had come to a standstill. That he has been working and the only apparent snag has been the Writers Guild of America strike is certainly promising. Hopefully, those of us looking forward to his spin will be getting a final draft soon enough, as many think the strike could be nearing its end due to multiple meetings between the WGA and the AMPTP.

Taika Waititi was a welcome addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he took over the Thor movies with 2017’s Ragnarok, a clear fan favorite. But Star Wars is a different entity entirely and one false move could find the upcoming set of films – with entries from the likes of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, James Mangold, and Patty Jenkins – spoiled altogether.

Do you think Taika Waititi is good for the Star Wars universe? What do you think he could bring to the franchise?

Originally published at https://www.joblo.com/taika-waititi-still-working-on-star-wars-script/

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