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Zombie Plane: Chuck Norris, Vanilla Ice, and Sophie Monk play themselves in action horror comedy

Chuck Norris, Vanilla Ice, and Sophie Monk play versions of themselves in the action horror comedy Zombie Plane

Legendary action hero Chuck Norris is largely retired from the acting scene. He hasn’t done a lot of movie or TV show appearances over the last eighteen years – but he’s making an exception for the upcoming action horror comedy Zombie Plane. The Hollywood Reporter has shared the news that Norris, ’90s pop star Vanilla Ice, and Australian singer-turned-actress Sophie Monk all play themselves… or versions of themselves… in the film, which is coming our way from Radioactive and Entertainment Squad (a subsidiary of Studio Dome), with the support of Screen Australia.

Zombie Plane made its way through production earlier this year in Australia. Directed by Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Pier of the post-production and VFX company Chop Shop Post, the film tells the story of a secret government organization that recruits celebrities to be undercover agents, who together must save humanity from an imminent zombie attack.

Norris’s character is Commander Chuck Norris, “who mentored and trained Ice into becoming a deadly secret agent”. In addition to Norris, Ice, and Monk, the movie is said to be full of celebrity cameos and sports a ’90s pop soundtrack that includes songs by Ice himself.

Radioactive’s Jessica Butland provided the following statement: “Audiences can expect a wild ride. Vanilla Ice is in his element as secret agent and Chuck Norris having trained him is excellent and it just works.

Entertainment Squad founder Shaked Berenson, an executive producer on Zombie Plane, said: “Zombie Plane uses comedy, the zombie genre and ’90s nostalgia as a vehicle to comment on pop-culture as much as it feeds it, creating unforgettable one-liners and situational comedy ‘to the extreme.’

Studio Dome will be presenting the project to international distributors at the American Film Market in November.

How does Zombie Plane sound to you? Are you interested in seeing a zombie action comedy that stars Chuck Norris, Vanilla Ice, and Sophie Monk as versions of themselves? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

There’s no way I’m going to miss Zombie Plane. Finally, the truth about Chuck Norris being a secret agent and helping save us from a zombie outbreak is going to be revealed!

Originally published at https://www.joblo.com/zombie-plane-chuck-norris/

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