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24Fashion TV: CHEN SIFAN FW 2024 during Shanghai Fashion Week

From 24Fashion TV -

Chn Sifn, Shanghai Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection

"Chaos in Order" explores the beauty of disorder 

24Fashion TV FINAL 1711915637 jpg

Chn Sifn's Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection Embodies the Essence of "Disorder," Intending to Convey a Timidly Explosive Burst Hidden Beneath Rationality and Restraint.

Misplaced pockets resembling brooches delicately adorn shoulders, while intermittent bursts of red disrupt the serene facade of formality, as meticulously crafted garments are juxtaposed with withering red patent leather belts. This season, the brand incorporates elements of uniforms and formalwear, symbolizing a certain order and regulation.

Above and beyond the craftsmanship, Chn Sifn approaches these garments with an almost meticulous attitude, resulting in a visual presentation that exudes an air of calm and restraint.

"Red" Serves as the Unifying Color Throughout the Show, with Chn Sifn Describing it as "Sensually Seductive." It Resembles an Emotion, akin to a Force Waiting to be Unleashed, gradually escalating like an increase in entropy, slowly spiraling out of control before ultimately being released.

In Sifan's societal context, the definition of "masculinity" remains confined within binary oppositions. However, Chn Sifn's collection this season serves as an ode to genuine humanity, celebrating the warm and fluid qualities of human nature, as well as the contradictions within "masculinity." The collection presents an aesthetic that blends opposites such as "rationality" and "emotionality," "delicacy" and "roughness," "fragility" and "strength," showcasing the coexistence of chaos and tranquility.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV LOOK1 1711915652 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK2 1711915656 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK3 1711915659 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK4 1711915662 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK5 1711915666 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK6 1711915669 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK7 1711915672 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK8 1711915674 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK9 1711915679 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK10 1711915683 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK11 1711915687 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK12 1711915690 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK13 1711915693 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK14 1711915696 jpg24Fashion TV LOOK15 1711915699 jpg

Photo: Press CHEN SIFAN

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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