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24Fashion TV: HOMOLOG SS 2024 during Paris Haute Couture Week

From 24Fashion TV -


"Beauty, Nature and Flammes" 

The HOMOLOG Couture Show for the Spring-Summer 2024 collection was held at the Cambon Capucines Pavilion in Paris, with its magnificent roof and emerald green marble columns providing an incomparable space.

Dr. Emily CHEONG, the creative director of HOMOLOG, along with her team of fashion specialists, continued to embody the artisanal essence of the HOMOLOG workshop, bringing together a multitude of creative ideas to create sumptuous, comfortable, and dazzling outfits. The style, classic and mysterious, highlights noble and elegant beauty.

The new season draws inspiration from "the beauty of nature and flames," drawing from ultimate elements from around the world and interpreting them with superior craftsmanship to create timeless classic works.

Many civilizations believed in the sacred power of fire. Through purification by flames, they sought to strengthen spiritual communication, bless the earth and its inhabitants. The Olympic flame represents Prometheus's support for human life, also symbolizing the positive values of humanity associated with fire. HOMOLOG explores the beauty of flames, the sun's love for mountains, rivers, deserts, and oceans, embodying the sacred fire of the universe and earthly flames.

The stage design of the fashion show, passionately designed by the production team at FOCUS in New York, features lighting effects reminiscent of flames that evolve from start to finish. Inspired by the sunrise at Angkor Wat and the magical sunset on Sabah Island in Malaysia, the runway's music, arranged by the NONE SOUNDS team in Paris in line with the theme, creates a fairy-tale atmosphere, deeply connecting the beauty of nature and flames and interpreting the unextinguishable power of life. Watching the entire fashion show feels like a purification of the soul, a purifying energy of fire, followed by a rebirth from this energy.

For the Spring-Summer 2024 Couture collection, HOMOLOG maintains the essence of the brand, with the extraordinary embroidery craftsmanship of the ceremony dress remaining the quintessential classic piece. By incorporating high-quality white pearls from Australia, the creations are noble and elegant, merging French and Chinese embroidery techniques. The colors and structure evoke the unique atmosphere of Barcelona's Sagrada Familia, creating a dreamlike ambiance. The long, lightweight dresses use silk chiffon fabrics with meticulous lace edging execution to perfectly embrace the silhouette.

These dresses form a sequence of light play, with an abundance of colors interpreting flame shades, including the golden hues of sunrise, the reds of dusk, and a variety of complex yellows and blues inspired by observing burning flames.

Emily Cheong and her team studied various fire god totems and stories, capturing their magical character to transform them into energetic print patterns. Through expert tailoring and COUTURE craftsmanship, the dresses fit the body perfectly, fully embracing its control.

HOMOLOG Couture aims to offer unlimited services to a select group, shaping and building its own sense of time through coutur, hoping that the beauty of clients will shine eternally, like the endlessly radiant sun.

HOMOLOG advocates for a passionate life and a positive commitment to society. In 2024, it issues a call: "Let us create a superior world through everything we do!" May those who hear this call participate, may time forge legends, and may the light of every life illuminate this world.

Runway Look

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Photo: Press Homolog

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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