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24Fashion TV: La Koradior AW24 during Paris Fashion Week

From 24Fashion TV -

La Koradior Fall-Winter 2024 COLLECTION during Paris Fashion Week

La Koradior Autumn/Winter 2024/25 Collection at Paris Fashion Week 

A Fusion of Eastern and Western 


February 26, 2024 The high-end women's fashion brand La Koradior proudly presented its Autumn/Winter 24/25 collection on

the evening of February 26th in Paris, France. This spectacular event marked a mesmerizing

encounter between the exquisite beauty of La Koradior introduced designs

that seamlessly blend dimensional Phalaenopsis orchids with classic capes adorned with bellflowers.

Layered petals and vibrant crystals pay homage to the heritage of traditional craftsmanship and the essence of both Eastern and Western cultures, meticulously crafting luxury and elegance.

La Purple, the brand color of La Koradior, embodies sensuality, luxurious elegance, and romantic aesthetics. This season, various shades of purple and ingeniously designed three-dimensional orchids dance along the lines of the garments, creating a natural harmony. The purple mist and delicate clouds echo the melody of the butterfly orchid; every detail speaks to the designer's unique creativity

and a profound understanding of feminine beauty.

Amidst the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the subtle fragrance of orchids, this season

introduces a white series with a unique tassel material, reminiscent of the pristine snow on distant mountains. Multi-material orchids with intricate structures portray a tender and elusive elegance. The white orchid in the gentle winter interprets the luxurious poise of modern nobility with grace and


The collection guides us to continually draw inspiration from traditional Eastern cultures and modern Western art. Exploring the elegant aesthetics of the East and the contemporary fashions of the West, it rejuvenates the harmonious blend of artistic luxury from

both worlds. The future holds much anticipation; stay tuned for next season in Paris!

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 001 1709059212 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 002 1709059218 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 003 1709059220 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 004 1709059224 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 005 1709059226 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 006 1709059229 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 007 1709059232 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 008 1709059235 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 009 1709059237 jpg24Fashion TV La Koradior FW24 010 1709059241 jpg24Fashion TV IMG 9900 1709059250 JPG24Fashion TV IMG 9898 1709059257 JPG

Photo: Press La Koradior

More on: @lakoradior

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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