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24Fashion TV: LE FAME FW 2024 during Shanghai Fashion Week

From 24Fashion TV -

Le Fame AW2024 Ready-to-wear Fashion Show

Every piece embodies modernity, which pervades everywhere. This journey begins with Blossom Shanghai, enriched by the full bloom of Shanghai style.

On the evening of March 25th, 2024, at 7 PM, Le Fame unveiled its Autumn Winter Ready-to-Wear collection at HALL RED, Taiping Lake in Shanghai Xintiandi. This event marked the opening show of Shanghai Fashion Week, presenting the Modern Shanghai Trilogy.

During the vibrant 1920s, modern women showcased their intelligence and emotion, pursued their dreams, and observed the blossoming of life amidst the eras tumultuous waves. This season, Le Fame enhances the Shanghai womens clothing style, imbued with history, complexity, and myth, reviving the oriental age and exhibiting the exceptional charm of contemporary Shanghai style. The brand honors the monochromatic runway shows of the 1990s, merging them with the dual-frame curtains typical of Art Deco architecture. Models appeared sequentially, displaying fashion in individual frames. This approach deconstructs new Chinese aesthetics through a multifaceted design that blends style with art, capturing the elegant fusion of Chinese and Western elements.

Le Fame has collaborated once more with independent designer Zhong Zixin to redefine the womens profile in three chapters: Shanghai Style Vanity Fair, Shanghai Style Haunting Crush, and Shanghai Style Neo- Chinese.

Vanity Fair emerges with black and white as its primary colors, creating a tranquil ambiance for both day and night, inside and out. Velvet and suit fabrics are luxuriously elegant without being gaudy; bows and ostrich feathers combine dynamically, adorning the garments freely and presenting the century-old, prosperous Shanghai style in an elegant and serene manner.

Haunting Crush presents Chinese satin that weaves ultimate elegance. The X-shaped silhouette conveys grace and distinction, while lace and pearls add a touch of romance. Bright and lively, it evokes the enchanting world of oriental Rococo.

In the new era, working women radiate resilience and energy. Deconstructed suits exhibit a capable style, and herringbone fabric is intricately woven, with sequins and ostrich feathers adding creative flair. This portrays the urban womans charming and delicate nature in a balanced manner, crafting diverse settings for free and practical attire.

Accessories encapsulate the essence of contemporary Shanghai womens styles. Le Fame collaborates with YVMIN, drawing inspiration from roses and the essence and materials of vintage jewelry from the 1920s and 1930s, rejuvenating Retro through modern design. The brand-new bag collection pays homage to and reinterprets the iconic Shanghai Brand handbag by capturing its essence and incorporating those memories into more fashionable and refined details.

Yang Ying, Yang Chaoyue, Hu Lianxin, Xu Jiaqi, Yan Yikuan and Du Ruoxi attended the Show, alongside hundreds of fashion editors, bloggers and brand friends.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 001 1711914435 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 002 1711914438 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 003 1711914442 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 004 1711914445 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 005 1711914448 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 006 1711914453 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 007 1711914456 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 008 1711914460 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 009 1711914463 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 010 1711914466 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 011 1711914470 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 012 1711914473 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 013 1711914477 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 014 1711914480 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 015 1711914484 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 016 1711914488 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 017 1711914491 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 018 1711914494 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 019 1711914497 jpg24Fashion TV LE FAME FW 24 020 1711914501 jpg

Photo: Press LE FAME

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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