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24Fashion TV: REMAIN AW24 during Copenhagen Fashion Week

From 24Fashion TV -

REMAIN Fall-Winter 2024 COLLECTION at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen based Remain is born from a house that has pushed fashion forward for more than 150 years with a strong heritage where craftsmanship, tailoring and quality materials have been key for decades. Our aesthetic sphere is detail-driven with a refined sleekness at its core, speaking in volumes across tailored pieces, bold knitwear, and distinct leather styles. Our mission is to create a contemporary wardrobe with a clear-cut individuality and deliberate femininity.

BCC is the foundation of a new fashion movement. We acknowledge that fashion needs a radical change. A change that starts with us - by bringing out a better version of ourselves every day, every step of the way. We help people blossom and bring their unique self to the team, so we, together, can achieve our mission to radically transform fashion. We identify and nurture transformational ideas and technologies to help them reach their potential faster. We create emerging brands for the long run with a commitment to be true to ourselves and define solutions for the future as the back bone for everything we do. As a company we represent a foundation that allows our collaborators to innovate at the highest level of creativity with our organization acting as the structural framework of each project. We insist on challenging industry standards and think differently across innovation, people and planet to make fashion we can all be proud of.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV Remain AW24 001 1708001881 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 002 1708001884 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 003 1708001887 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 004 1708001889 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 005 1708001892 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 006 1708001895 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 007 1708001898 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 008 1708001900 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 009 1708001903 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 010 1708001905 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 011 1708001908 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 012 1708001910 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 013 1708001913 jpg24Fashion TV Remain AW24 014 1708001916 jpg

Photo: Press Remain

More on: @remainbirgerchristensen

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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