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Credello: Airbnb Just Launched a New Category for Budget Travelers

Credello: It has been fascinating to watch the trajectory of Airbnb. Several years ago, the business model seemed to be working extremely well. People could put up their apartments, condos, houses, and other living spaces for travelers to rent, along with various amenities. Many travelers liked using it because it was cheaper than most hotels.

Since then, though, the number of people using Airbnb has dropped off. Most people seem to feel that's because the rental costs have skyrocketed. Cleaning fees and other charges are often added on. That makes the cost of most Airbnb rentals more than the average hotel, defeating the purpose of using the service in the first place.

If you hope to travel on a budget, Airbnb may have worked for you in the past, but perhaps not right now. The website just launched a new category for budget travelers, though. It's worth exploring, so let's check it out right now.

The Airbnb Makeover

It's worth noting that Airbnb is in the process of implementing many new features at the moment. The budget traveler option is just one of them. 

They're creating a feature that gives someone who cancels their reservation within 30 days of making it an equal amount of website credit. They're also adding 24/7 customer support. There will be many operators available. There will also be clearer checkout instructions for guests. 

It's unclear whether these changes will be a hit with Airbnb users and whether the platform will experience a comeback once they're all up and running.

Now, let's move on to the budget traveler feature. 

Airbnb Rooms

This budget-friendly option is called Airbnb Rooms. It works in conjunction with a feature called the Host Passport. Basically, the idea is that you can get a cheaper fare to stay in a room in someone's residence, but that person or family will not be out of the house while you do so. 

You can look on the app and learn details about the person or family with whom you'll be staying. Based on what you find, you can decide whether you'd like to save money by booking a room while they're at home.

Privacy and Safety Concerns

You might have privacy or safety concerns if you stay in a room in someone's residence while they're at home. However, you can look at details on the Airbnb website during the booking process to put your mind at ease.

For example, you can book a room with privacy safeguards such as locks on your bedroom door. You might also book a room in a residence where you can have a private bathroom during your stay.

Should You Try This Feature?

If you're thinking about traveling this year and have a limited amount of cash to spend on your lodgings, you might think about utilizing Airbnb's new Rooms feature. The home's owner will be there, but you can have limited interactions with them if you'd prefer to keep to yourself.

You can look into the privacy and safety features of each room on the Airbnb website before booking. Also, you can learn more about the home's owners on the site.

If you still have any concerns, you might remember that each host who signs up with Airbnb goes through a meticulous vetting process. The platform has all their personal information. If they did anything inappropriate, they would immediately be disqualified from hosting anyone else. 

Ultimately, you'll need to consider how open you are to meeting someone new. You can also look at the rate the site offers through the new Rooms feature and compare it to some area hotels and other places to stay.

If you're feeling adventurous, trying this new feature might appeal to you. If you want a more traditional hotel or motel option, you can always go that route, though it might eat into your travel budget more than you'd like. 

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